Over Memorial Day Weekend I was commissioned to create photos for Shoreline Inclusive Camping. Shoreline's mission is to provide its clients with a hassle-free, relaxing, and unforgettable experience. Everything pictured below is gear provided by SIC for their inclusive service.

The plan was to camp on one of the sandbars along the Wisconsin River, but due to high rain through the month of May, the river was much higher than usual, resulting in flooded sandbars and a problem of where they would bring the mass of people scheduled to camp that weekend. After some creative contemplation, they elected to host the campers at an island on Lake Wisconsin. Their deliberation and hard work paid off with happy campers and a weekend of great memories.

I arrived a day earlier than the campers to get setup shots, a few product shots, and headshots of the crew. I love the outdoors and camping and have a fair amount of experience traveling, so I put together a minimalist gear setup that I knew would fit the job. My gear consisted of a Nikon D810, an assortment of Nikon lenses, two flash heads, a few wireless triggers, filters, a shoot through umbrella, a tripod, and a monopod, all packed and attached to my LowePro ProTactic backpack. The shoot was a success, and when I wasn't shooting I enjoyed fishing, hanging by a fire with fun and interesting people, and getting to cruise on a pontoon boat. I'm grateful to the SIC crew for having me and being so accommodating. Can't wait for my next outdoor travel experience!