Boat and vehicle hero image for Shoreline Inclusive Camping

Composite photo created for Shoreline Inclusive Camping. Professional photographer using image blending and light-painting to create this final hero image. Images like these are used in marketing and advertising, as well as for social media.

My friend Justin from Shoreline Inclusive Camping asked me to help him create a hero image of his wrapped boats and vehicles that the company uses for their clients. He presented the concept and purpose of the image and we worked out a location to shoot. Luckily the weather was beautiful that morning, but we had a bald sky with no clouds which is always just a bit dull. The video below shows us light-painting the vehicles with a flash through a 64” diffused parabolic umbrella, then post-production of the light painted layers coming together, along with replacement of the sky, some luminosity blending, and color grading. I have to admit I really love seeing hours of editing reduced down to a few minutes of work.

Big shout out to Justin for shooting the behind-the-scenes video while on production. If you’re interested in learning more about Shoreline, check out their website here: Have plans to camp or travel this year? Would you like to create awesome photos while you do? Check out my guest blog post on Shoreline’s site to help you create your best photos yet:


Music provided courtesy of Dub Foundation & Captain Smooth.